Representative Goodwin’s Priorities


public education

In recent years, the growth in the recapture payment for AISD has become unsustainable, going from $400M in 2017 to $530M in 2018, while the state's share of public school finance has gone from 50% to just 38%. When elected to office, I promise to:

  • Ensure the state provides a minimum of 50% of the school funding so local school districts are not forced to increase local property taxes to make up the difference

  • Keep public dollars in public schools, and not send those dollars into private or parochial schools through vouchers or education savings accounts

  • Fund reasonable class sizes, pay competitive teacher salaries, and provide professional development opportunities

gun legislation

The many mass shootings weigh very heavily in my heart and mind. I agree with everyone who says we can’t just keep offering up thoughts and prayers. As a candidate, I pledge to take no NRA money and to push for real change. There are many steps we can and must take, starting with those that a majority of people agree on:

  • Ban bump stocks and assault-style weapons

  • Require universal background checks on all gun sales and close loopholes

  • Set a minimum age for purchasing guns at 21

  • Treat mental health the same as any other health issue



cps & foster care

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is tasked with aiding children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. As your state representative, my job will include providing adequate funding and continuous oversight to ensure they meet these responsibilities. To do this, I will:

  • Ensure the Department retains experienced, caring staff by paying competitive salaries and establishing reasonable caseloads

  • Establish benchmarks within the CPS to keep families together and provide children with adequate physical, mental health, and support services

  • Work with Adult Protective Services to improve safety standards and promote living skills for assisted living, memory care, and nursing homes


Is there a more universal daily complaint in our district than terrible traffic? Although obvious solutions include more mass transit, new or expanded roads, and increasing the gas tax for the first time since 1991, no single solution meets everyone’s transportation needs. Therefore I promise to:

  • Listen to the many voices in this large district and champion the solutions that make sense for your area

  • Work with local governments to coordinate with state planners and environmental agencies

  • Above all, ensure transportations dollars go where they are needed most




According to the Texas Medical Association’s 2015 data, more than 4.3 million Texans — including 623,000 children — lack health insurance. Insecurity about the future of insurance is leading to higher costs, fewer individuals who can afford it, and poorer health affecting families and our workforce. To stop these vicious cycles of under-funding and poor health outcomes, I support:

  • Medicaid expansion to provide more healthcare to more people, including therapies for children with disabilities and mental health treatments

  • Putting women in charge of their own health, in consultation with their physicians

  • Single-payer system or revamped system that provides health care to all without sending them to the hospital, which is our current system


Texans must preserve and improve the environment to ensure clean air, clean water, and green spaces. Clean, renewable energy has many benefits and is becoming less expensive, as well as widely available. It makes sense financially, health-wise, and environmentally to encourage the growth of solar and wind energy. I to pledge to advocate for:

  • Dedicating 94% of sporting goods sales tax to state and local parks (as the law intended)

  • Boosting renewable energy and promote plug-in electric vehicles

  • Support the establishment of a working Southwest Travis County Groundwater Conservation District




In order to maintain Texas’ vibrant economy and low unemployment rate, we must invest equally in a business-friendly environment, our public education system, accessible health care, and a clean environment. I believe it’s time to put together a group of state leaders who will look at ways to broaden the tax base and develop new revenue streams that balance the needs of the state.


“We the people” means ALL people, including gender, race, ability, country of origin, and faith. Our legislature wasted valuable time during the most recent Regular and Special sessions on a fake issue already addressed by existing laws regarding criminal or voyeuristic activity in bathrooms. As your representative, I will support:

  • Treating all people with compassion, regardless of their gender identity.

  • Anti-bullying legislation and promoting strong efforts by educators and parents to squelch bullying in schools.

  • Women’s rights and equal pay for equal work.




I think it's essential to establish an independent redistricting committee to draw Congressional and Legislative boundaries rather than allowing self-interested office holders of any party to handle the job. We need to be able to work with members of any party on issues of mutual concern, to come together where we can, and to compromise to work toward our goals. Although politics is goal-driven and requires strength and endurance, it also requires statesmanship and courtesy.


Numerous bills were submitted in both the Regular Session and the Special Session this year to strip local control from Home Rule cities. For example, my opponent, Rep. Paul Workman, authored a bill that would have eliminated local tree ordinances in over 90 cities. He also proposed to fast-track the permitting process and not allow cities to set a minimum pay rate for construction workers. Home Rule cities have the authority to enact ordinances and policies to benefit residents, and the state should not take away that authority through legislation.