School safety may be out of the news, but it isn't out of our thoughts. The other month  I attended the Senate Select Committee's public hearing on Violence in Schools & School Security. I wanted to witness what school officials, parents, students, law enforcement and other interested parties had to say on this issue. The thought of having my child go through a metal detector just to go to school breaks my heart.

It is a frightening reminder of what might happen while our kids are in school. We shouldn’t have to worry for a moment whether they will come home ok. But, that’s the world we live in today.

I want to make two things very clear in my campaign. First, I will never take guns away from law-abiding citizens when I get into office. Second, I will never stand by and do nothing about this issue. 

I want to hear your ideas, and will share mine with you, too. I believe three things will help: 1) banning devices that turn guns into rapid-firing machines; 2) closing loopholes in our background check system and requiring universal background checks, and 3) allowing universities to decide whether or not to allow guns on campus. I look forward to your feedback.